Haufe Group . Barcelona . 2016 - 2017

Haufe is a Performance management product where the employees set their goals which are then evaluated by their managers. The product is of great benefit for the employees as at the end of the year they receive rewards and their work is highly recognised.

UX/UI Performance Management Product

My role

At Haufe group I was responsible for the UX/UI of their performance management product. I worked with a Product Owner and a team of 6 developers and 1 QA. There were also 3 other remote designers that where working on parallel projects and under the same style guide.

My challenge

When I joined Haufe, the product was already started. Therefore, my tasks consisted in continuing to work on the lasts flows of the product. This was challenging because it was an existing product and we needed to migrate all our existing customers to a brand new product with a complete new style guide and an optimized experience.

Before, users were able to customize every single detail in the product. Thus, we needed to change the mind of many companies and migrate them to the new Performance Management world.

In my design process, I needed to take into consideration the existing amount of characters in the fields, languages, etc. This was challenging for our designs and, required that I had a good eye for detail.

Picking up the pieces

I focused on the logic of the application, on understanding the product and on what was out there. I started creating user flows, which I discussed with my Product Owner. Once I had the big picture, I put myself in the place of the users and started designing new functionalities for the product. There were two main personas, manager and employees, but with time we also included more personas.

The application is more centered to be used in tablets and desktop as all or most of our users spent most of their time in the office.

Period Status Flows

Kick off

Together with the Product Owner and some designers, we made some sessions in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the users, established their main goals and started brainstorming new experiences. In some of the sessions, we used design thinking and we voted for the ones we liked more.

Group 3

Early Insights

After working on some designs, I created some invision prototypes and we did some inhouse user testings with 5 usersfor which we got we got interesting feedback. We wanted to identify if the users were able to follow the flow that we established in our user testing script, as well as their faces, expressions and how they felt during the user experience.

The main goal was to identify if the users understood the bulk selection process and the review process.


Architecture of information

Users found that the design and layout was really good, but the icons were quite confusing. Also they felt that the list view was cleaner in comparison to the two column view.


Selection of peers and evaluation

Users could understand the multiple selection, but they could not follow the overall evaluation result. Also the two column icon looked like a pause icon.

Final flows

I worked on all the changes, validated them with the stakeholders and the Product Owner and started working on the final user stories. Sometimes, I wrote them from the user experience perspective to make sure we were not missing important information. Most of the time I reviewed them before we made the estimations with the team.

All the designs were also thought to work on tablets.

Invite peers for review

We made two iterations and made inhouse user testings with 5 users that did not know about the platform. We recorded them and reviewed them later.


External peer review process


Overall evaluation manager and employee

These are some of the screens of the flows. In which users evaluated each contribution and then gave an overall evaluation of the whole year.



The journey never ends

After those long months I, then started working on an OKR. It was, a similar concept but it showed more transparency inside the organisation. It is also quite a complex product, built in parallel within 9 other products.
Haufe was a great adventure and I enjoyed this product and its challenges.