Wifi Penwin . Caprabo project . Barcelona . 2016 - 2017

It is a startup that specializes in providing Wifi to schools, universities, supermarkets and restaurants. In the institutions, most of the time they connect to Wifi with a pin or email, while in restaurants or supermarkets they connect connect through, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with email. We also did different web design projects.


My challenge

"Create a brand new product in 4 months"

Our client approached us with one main objective:  get data of the experience that the users had on their new store and whether, they were satisfied with all the different new services that they were providing in their new store.

My role

At Wifi Penwin I was responsible for the UX/UI and Frontend of the products. I worked on numerous projects, websites and splash screens. I worked with one Stakeholder and 1 backend.


I had full autonomy on the designs. I was the only designer and frontend developer and I presented designs to the main stakeholders.


I owned the product, I created the full identity of Wifi Penwin which is still used by the company today.

Design Execution & Validation

Our main product was an application. Therefore, it was for mobile and tablet devices. I executed the visual designs and validated them with the end users, gathered feedback, iterated the designs and then started coding.


Our client provided us with some information of their expectations. 

Users connect to wifi using their fidelity card, Facebook, Instagram or a phone number. Users needed to make a satisfaction survey of the new store. See all those results. 

Mapping user flows

Based on the main feedback, we started mapping user flows. There were two main flows: one when the user was connecting for the first time to wifi and another for the second time. 

First time flow

First connection flow

Second time flow

Second time flow

Final designs

first iteration